Filling with Programmable Dosing Pump TP 1000 V

Filling with Programmable Dosing Pump TP 1000 V

The TP 1000 V model is menu-driven through a membrane keypad with 11 buttons. LED-display with 2 x 16 symbols. Three standard operating languages (German, English and French) are available, others on request.


  • High accuracy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Pumping mode with variable transfer speed
  • Timer mode with programmable dosage volume and with individually specified cycle times and pause intervals
  • Trigger mode with programmable quantity and speed through external trigger signal such as foot switch
  • Remote control
    • RS-232 interface (e. g. PC)
    • Proportional voltage or current control (0-10V DC or 4-20 mA current loop)
  • Regardless of the tubing properties we offer a calibration function for every transferred medium if required
  • Pump parameters
    • Setting of direction
    • Input of different tube diameters
    • Prevent dripping by entering a “drop-stop” time
  • Dimensions: W 330 mm x H 210 mm x D 255 mm
  • Weight: 7.0 kg


The Pumphead

Unlike conventional peristaltic pumps the construction of this pumphead is based on a completely different principle. The tubing is not pressed from the inside outwards via the rotor, but gently pressed onto a cam disc from the outside inwards.
The result is a significantly longer durability of the tubing and a consistent, accurately adjustable and reproducible flow rate.
Furthermore there is the benefit of a more gentle transfer of the medium than it is with the standard peristaltic pump principle.

Cam Disc (mm)

Speed  ml/min
 1.6 ID x 1.6 WS  5 %
50 %
100 %
 3.2 ID x 1.6 WS  5 %
50 %
100 %
 4.8 ID x 1.6 WS  5 %
50 %
100 %
6.4 ID x 1.6 WS 5 %
50 %
100 %

The above mentioned quantities were measured using water at room temperature. Suction and pressure lines of 1 metre length each. The silicone tubing that was used was flexed beforehand for approx. 30 minutes at 100% rpm. Other tubing material and any possible tolerances with the dimensions result in other measurements.